Prof. Dr. Helge Bathelt
Herrenberg, 2012

"In her entire oeuvre Michaela S. Fischer offers an example of extraordinary artistic straightforwardness. She takes great pride in intentional clarity of her realizations. Her works focus brightly on what she wants to convey and touch the viewer’s soul. It is somewhat special, even unique… that inhabits her work."

Prof. Dr. Ingeburg Lachaussee
Paris, 2012

"Fischer’s figures undergo an incessant process of regeneration, they never rest, they attract the beholder, they do not leave them at ease. Resonating bodies arise whose vibrations completely catch the viewer… The figures get de-personified, step back…,in order to entirely fill the given space of thought. They are signs…"

Martin Schmid, Galerie Dorn
Stuttgart, 2012

"It is amazing how little an amount of form and material is possible to create a meaningful, substantial oeuvre. Despite their reduced language of shapes and working techniques applied, Michaela A. Fischer’s wire figurines appear clearly as human figures. Quite the contrary, it is just because of her consequent usage of formal reduction that she carves out the very essence. Figures that rest calmly and strongly, they unfold a convincing presence that happily does without any pathos or dramatic outer appearance whatsoever."